Pre Construction

    For successful completion of a project, the effort put forth leading up to the start of the construction is critical. Decisions made during the pre-construction phase can save the client significant amount of time and money. Therefore, as an obligation to our clients, Finaly offers a wide-range of pre-construction services. By understanding the unique needs and challenges of our clients, we at Finaly can apply our extensive experience to best suite your needs. Our services for the pre-construction phase include:

    • Assist in preliminary planning, budgeting, and scheduling
    • Coordinate, interface, and cooperate with developer on site
    • Determine availability of trades and materials
    • Establish and implement site mobilization and site safety plans
    • Establish management procedures
    • Develop schedule and cost estimates
    • Value engineering
    • Disbursement of bids to a prepared list of pre-qualified bidders
    • Weekly progress meetings with clients, architects, and engineers
    • Bid analysis followed by leveling and award
    • Implement new construction methods to increase economy
    • Preparation of bid packages and solicitation of bids
    • Timely coordination with neighboring property owners regarding the construction activities

    Project Management

    Following the pre-construction phase, our team of highly qualified professionals comes in action to professionally supervise and coordinate all construction related activities. This is to our commitment to ensure our clients that their new facility will be completed within a timely and efficient schedule, while maximizing the most out of their economical budget. By providing customized resources tailored to the demands of our clients, we provide a set of solutions that our clients depend on for their ongoing and future projects. Our services in this area include:

    • Construction administration for the whole project
    • Furnishing qualified staff for the overall construction process
    • Coordinating, managing, and supervising all aspects of procurement, construction start-up, commissioning, and close-out
    • Obtaining necessary approvals and permits throughout the construction period
    • Availability of full-time field superintendents
    • Daily inspections to assure the work is in accordance with the given drawings and specifications
    • Prepare and follow a master construction schedule
    • Weekly progress meetings
    • Log all submittals, RFI’s and drawings in real-time
    • Delivery, storage, and security of all material on-site
    • Set procedures for processing shop drawings, material samples, and off-site testing/inspections
    • Maintain records covering manpower, work in progress, and field observations
    • Set procedures for processing change orders
    • Negotiations with subcontractors on-behalf of the client to maximize economy
    • Process all applications for payment and maintain partial and final waivers of liens
    • Comply with local codes and ordinances

    Closeout and Completion

    “Start the way you mean to finish” meaning start well, end well, is a philosophy we have adopted here at Finaly. From the inception of the project till the end, our clients are part of our family. Together we work towards building modern spaces that serve a purpose and look aesthetically pleasing. At the end of the project and after the successful completion of all the construction related activities, the hand-over process begins. Here, we offer services that include:

    • Closeout reports which include guarantees, warranties, and maintenance and procedures manuals for new equipment
    • Organize, manage, and implement the punch list process for different trades
    • Organize, schedule, and coordinate commissioning of all systems and equipment
    • Furnish all required close-out documentation in an expeditious manner
    • Final payment processing
    • Establish a communication link for future services
    • Final close-out and handover