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For successful completion of your project, the effort put forth in pre-construction planning is critical. Decisions made during this phase can save the client a significant amount of time and money. Therefore, as an obligation to our clients, Finaly offers a wide range of pre-construction services. Our services for the pre-construction phase include:

✓ Planning

✓ Site Survey

✓ Site Logistics

✓ Preliminary Budgeting Estimation

✓ Value Engineering

✓ Scheduling

✓ Trade-by-trade Subcontractor

✓ Assessment of Construction Feasibility

✓ Final Bid Submission

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Project Management

Project Management

Following the pre-construction phase, our team of highly qualified professionals comes in action to professionally supervise and coordinate all construction related activities. This is to our commitment to ensure our clients that their new facility will be completed within a timely and efficient schedule, while maximizing the most out of their economical budget. We use Procore Technologies project management software to keep all team members updated on the project in real time. By providing customized resources tailored to the demands of our clients, we provide a complete solution that our clients depend on for all their ongoing and future projects. Our services in this area include:

✓ Permits & Insurance

✓ Site Supervision & Safety

✓ Scheduling

✓ Procurement

✓ Cost & Quality Control

✓ Group Meetings with Clients and Subs

✓ Reporting Status of Financial Resources

✓ Reporting Project Status

✓ Inspection & Punch List Completing

✓ Close Out/Hand-Over

Closeout & Completion

Closeout & Completion

“Start the way you mean to finish” meaning start well, end well, is a philosophy we have adopted here at Finaly. From the inception of the project till the end, our clients are part of our family. Together we work towards building modern spaces that serve a purpose and look aesthetically pleasing. At the end of the project and after the successful completion of all the construction related activities, the hand-over process begins. Here, we offer services that include:

✓ Punch List Completion

✓ Occupancy

✓ Commissioning

✓ Electronic Closeout Documents Folder

✓ Completion of Third-Party Inspections and Sign-Offs with the Department of Buildings

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Finaly GC has proudly implemented Procore, all-in-one construction management software built to help finish quality projects—safely, on time, and within budget. Procore allows our team to collaborate in real-time directly between the design team, subcontractors and the client. This mobile cloud-based program allows us to increase project efficiency and ensure that the project timeline is on track without delays.


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(212) 760-0335


Corporate Office:

130 W 29th St #3R

New York, NY 10001

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